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To Pat / 16 Nov 2019

Topic: Anxiety

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I have anxiety do you

From Pat / 21 Nov 2019


Thank you for your mail and for reaching out today!

We are really sorry to hear this is going on for you. This can’t be an easy thing to deal with! Anxiety can present itself in lots of different ways and can also vary in what it prevents you doing on a daily basis.

Have you been able to talk to anyone about what this is like for you?. Do you have anyone that might be able to support you around what is going on? It would be important to get support about how you are feeling.

We are available 24 hours a day and we would love to chat a little more around these feelings and explore how they are effecting your life. Our number is 1800 666 666 or we are available online also at

All the best

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