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Worried about contacting Childline again

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Hi Alex, so I called the service yesterday and the woman I spoke to had said something to me, I’m 14 and she said you don’t sound like 14 but sound now I’m worried about calling again…how do I reply to someone that says I sound older than what I really am?


Hi there, welcome to Ask Alex and thanks for letting us know about your experience of speaking with Childline. 

It sounds like you’re worried about contacting Childline again and are wondering what to do when someone says you sound older than you are. 

We’re sorry you’ve had an experience that would make you feel worried about contacting Childline again, but you’ve done the right thing by letting us know. We always want to try to improve the service we offer young people. We want to reassure you that Childline is a non-judgmental and confidential listening service, and you should never feel worried about contacting us. If you don’t feel like phoning, remember that you can always contact us by free text (50101) or via the online chat ( 

You said your also wondering what to say when someone says you sound older than you are. It’s important to remember that we are all different and unique, and that all 14-year-olds don’t sound the same. There are many different factors that can affect how we speak and how we sound such as accents and our use of language. You have a right to be listened to no matter how you sound.   

If you would give us another chance, we would love to chat and to listen to what’s going on for you. Childline is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Thanks again for contacting us, we hope to hear from you soon. 

Take care, 


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