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Why is no one responding in the live chat?

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Why is no one responding in the live chat?


Hi there,  

Thank you for bringing that to our attention, there are times when our systems may have issues, or sometimes all our volunteers are busy and may take longer than usual to respond. 

You mention that no one is responding in the live chat. Sometimes it may help to refresh your page and if you go to the Childline website at,  click on the Purple Messenger button and send a ‘hi’ or a ‘hello’ one of our facilitators will reply to you straight away, or within a couple of minutes if the service is very busy. 

The great thing is that the service has a phone line as well, 1800 66 66 66. So you are not alone, the great team in Childline listening are there on phones for you as well. The service still will be available to you 24/7. 

We would also like to highlight, depending on the support you are seeking that there are other services that may be able to respond before our technical issues resolves. These include aware, (, and Pieta House (1800 247 247). If your reason for speaking with us is very serious, you can contact emergency services as well, 999/112, or maybe these services might be of help to you at this moment. 

Thanks again for alerting us, and please keep in touch. 

Take care of yourself,  


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