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Why do I keep having vengeful thoughts?

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Why do I keep having vengeful thoughts?


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Welcome to Ask Alex. You have been very brave reaching out to us and taking the first step to get some help for yourself. We know it can be a very difficult thing to do.

You have asked why do you keep having vengeful thoughts. Vengeful thoughts may also be described as thoughts relating to revenge or seeking to harm someone. We wonder is there someone in your life who these thoughts are relating to in particular? It can be really hard to understand why we are having such thoughts and sometimes they may be related to a disagreement or something that happened with a person in the past that we may feel we need “revenge.” It can be difficult to cope especially when these thoughts are taking up a lot of space in your mind. It can be hard to talk about this, and sometime we may feel angry with these thoughts, this article may help you find ways to cope with these thoughts and feelings:

These type of thoughts may also be described as “intrusive thoughts,” we have another article on our website that you may find helpful for helping understand these:  

Have you ever shared with anyone in your life about these thoughts you are having? It may be a difficult thing to do, which is completely understandable but by telling a trusted person in your life, they may be able to help and support you further. If you feel you are not ready to talk to someone in your life about these thoughts, Childline is always here to listen. We are here 24/7, every day of the year if you wanted to talk to someone. We have a live chat on or you can talk to us over the phone on 1800 66 66 66.

Well done again for reaching out to us.

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