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To Pat / 12 Jan 2020

Topic: Why did I just self harm

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Why did I just self harm?

From Pat / 07 Feb 2020


Welcome to ask Pat,

From your question, it seems as though you may have possibly have self-harmed for the first time recently, and that you are on the website, may indicate that you would like some support?

Childline is concerned for you to hear that you are self- harming and is here to support you. People self-harm for various reasons, often they are feeling overwhelmed by things which are going on for them. Sometimes but not always, people self-harming can feel anxious or depressed and they feel that self-harming lessens these feelings. No matter which reason you have, you have the right to be safe, and to get help and support for self-harming and for the underlying reason you harm yourself.

Under the ‘Info and Advice’ section of our website, you can find some information on self-harming and on different emotions under the ‘How I Feel’ tab and then clicking on ‘Feelings and Emotions’ and also on ‘Mental Health Difficulties’.

It can be a difficult thing to talk to others about, but talking about how we are feeling can help at times. Do you have a trusted adult in your life that you could talk to about what has been going on for you?
If you don’t feel like you do, or talking is a bit difficult at the moment, you can always chat with Childline. As well as being able to chat with us anytime on 1800 66 66 66, you can text us for free on 50101. You can also chat with us through this website.

Remember, you don’t have to go through things alone.

Take Care,

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