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Who is Alex?


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch and asking about Alex. 

Alex is one of our services on the Childline Website where young people can ask questions about anything they would like to know more about anonymously. 

We are a team here at Ask Alex and we read every question and do our best to answer a selection every week. There is nothing too big or small to ask Alex. When you ask Alex a question, the replies are public and not private so other young people can read them too. Alex respects everyone’s privacy so your personal information will never be shared with anyone else when responding to your message. 

If your question is chosen and published it will be under one of the subheadings on the Ask Alex page. 

If you feel you need to speak to someone urgently, we have a 24-hour Childline Listening service which is for every young person up to and including the age of 18. 

Just like Alex, nothing is too small or too big to talk to Childline Listening about, you can talk about anything. We will never judge or give out to you; we are there to listen and support you, and your call or chat is confidential – meaning that we would not share it outside of Childline except if you want us to do so.  

Everyone in Childline is there to listen and we can help you figure out your options, we will never tell you what to do. 

We are also there to empower, support and protect young people. 

You do not have to have a problem to contact Childline, we are there to listen to anything on your mind. The service is free, and you can contact Childline on the phones at 1800 66 66 66 or online though the Live Chat Service on the website 

I hope this answers your queries, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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