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Hi! This question isn’t really important, but I wanna know, how should I start calling my dad dad?!? To others I say “my dad” but to him I call him “daddy”. And I’m getting older (I’m 12) and I feel like I’m too mature to keep calling him daddy. But I don’t wanna do it quickly like ” boom you’re dad now” but like I don’t know how. Should I start after my 12th birthday trip? (I’m going to Disney world for a week and its some of my family members, but only females. It’s a girls trip. Its in 10 days) It’d be kind of weird though because it’d be so sudden. And I don’t want to talk to my dad about it and its kind of stressing me out. Could you help me? I’m just confused of how and when. Thanks for reading alex.


Hi, welcome to Ask Alex,
First of all, we would like you to know, that every question we get into Ask Alex is important! So never feel that your questions is not. You are wondering when you should stop calling your dad daddy and start to call him dad.
It’s completely normal for your feelings about how you address your dad to evolve as you grow. It’s great that you’re considering this thoughtfully. Transitioning from “daddy” to “dad” can be a gradual process. Since you’re going on a special trip for your 12th birthday, it could be a symbolic time for a subtle change. You might start by using “dad” occasionally before the trip and gradually increase it afterward.
Remember, it’s okay to take your time with this transition. You’re not alone in having these feelings. If it feels awkward at first, that’s perfectly normal. It’s a personal choice, and you can adjust at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Your dad will likely appreciate your maturity, no matter the terminology. 
Additionally, it might be helpful to acknowledge the transition with your dad in a light-hearted way. You could express your growing maturity and appreciation for the trip by saying something like, “Hey, Dad, since I’m getting a bit older, I thought I’d start calling you ‘dad’ more often. It feels like the right time, especially after this amazing trip to Disney World.” This way, you’re incorporating the change into a positive context, making it a natural part of your evolving relationship. Just be true to yourself, and know that it’s okay to journey through these adjustments at your own pace. 
Enjoy your trip to Disney World, and remember, we’re here to support you through these moments of change. You can phone us for free on 1800 66 66 66 or through Live Chat on our
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