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What’s a great way to distract yourself from suicidal thoughts?

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What’s a great way to distract yourself from suicidal thoughts?


Hi there, welcome to Ask Pat. 

Thank you for getting in touch with our service and trusting us enough to express what’s been going on for you. From what you’re saying it seems like you’ve been having a tough time with thoughts and feelings around suicide. It must be difficult for you having this on your mind. You have made a very brave and proactive step for yourself, firstly by acknowledging these difficult feelings and secondly, by reaching out to tell someone about them as that can be a difficult thing to do.  

We’d be concerned to hear that this has been going on for you and it sounds like you feel you might be in need of some support around mental health and wellbeing. You say that you are looking for ways to distract yourself from these intrusive thoughts so it also sounds like you want to improve things for yourself which is a great first step to take. You have the right to feel safe and happy in your life and you also have the right to seek support and care for your health and wellbeing.  

There are a number of options out there for young people who may be struggling with their mental health, maybe it might be a good start to see what immediate supports you have in your life? This could be a trusted adult you’re able to confide in such as a parent, sibling, extended family member, coach, teacher, or school counsellor. You are the expert on your life so it would depend on how you feel about trusting those closest to you with your current difficulties. For a lot of people, talking to someone can help things seem more manageable but if talking to someone in your life is not an option, maybe you could call Childline on 1800 66 66 66, contact us by text on 50101, or through our webchat at The Childline team is there to listen 24 hours a day, every day. Our services are free, confidential, and non-judgemental.  

Being kind to yourself and taking time to rest, relax, do things you enjoy and making sure you look after your mind and body with healthy eating and exercise are a few, little things you could try to put into practice in your daily life that might help improve your wellness.

It is important that you are safe and feel supported. There are a number of organisations that offer services which you may like to look into, and they have really useful information on their websites which might help you understand what is going on for you at the minute: ; ; If you feel you are a risk to your own safety at any time you also have the right to contact a GP or the emergency services by calling 112 or 999 or you could present yourself at the closest A&E department. 

Thank you again for getting in touch and please know that you are not in this alone, the services we mentioned above are always there if you need support or just feel you want to chat to someone about anything that’s going on for you. We hope you get the support you’re looking for and feel positive about your decision to contact Ask Pat. 

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