A teenage boy sitting against a fence with a sad, worried expression in his face looking off into the distance.

It’s never a nice feeling when you see a friend or classmate being bullied. However, it’s important to take a stand when you see it happening.


Have you ever been in a position where someone is being bullied but you’re worried that you’ll become a target if you say something to a teacher or adult? 

This is a natural reaction and not one you should feel guilty about. Often times when children see a bullying incident they feel powerless and this inaction can lead to a loss of self-respect.  

So, not only is the person who is being bullied suffering by that very act, but people who see it happen and do nothing, can be affected badly as well. 


Speak up

The first thing to do is tell a trusted adult, like a teacher or parent, but if you don’t feel able to do that alone, tell another friend what’s happening. 

Together you can report the bullying and by doing this, you are placing the situation in the hands of responsible adults who will listen to your concerns and respond in a positive and proactive way. 


Be there for your friend

Bullying behaviour is not acceptable and just because it might not be happening to you, does not mean you should ignore it. If nothing else, speak to the person being bullied so they know that they’re not alone. 

This will mean a lot to them and give them hope that the bullying will end soon.


If you want to read more about this, check out Bullying and the role of the Bystander 


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