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What support can I offer my pregnant friend

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what support can i offer when my friend becomes pregnant im 16 and shes 17 shes recently started renting a place herself and her bf is around to help


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Thank you for using this outlet to seek advice and support regarding what is happening for you. You are wondering what support can you offer your friend who is pregnant and living in her own place and has support from her boyfriend. It’s heartening to know that you are looking for ways to support your friend.
May we ask, “How did you support this friend last year?” With your friend now being pregnant, it doesn’t diminish your friendship with them. Continue doing everything you’ve been doing up until now. Your friend will need your support over the next few months more than ever. Be there to listen to your friend, engage in conversations, share jokes, go to the cinema, or enjoy whatever activities you both liked before. While your friend’s situation has changed, she is likely the same person. You might need to be a little more patient with her, as she might not be as quick to do things you used to do together, but keep your offers open and have backup plans just in case.
Your friend will receive information and advice from various professionals in her life regarding her pregnancy, so don’t feel obligated to talk about that exclusively. She may want a break from it. Simply being yourself and letting your friend know that you are there is enough. Well done you for being a thoughtful and supportive friend!
If you ever wish to discuss this or anything else, remember that you can reach out to our Childline service. We offer a 24/7 confidential listening service where we can provide support and explore potential options with you. Our freephone number is 1800 66 66 66, or you can visit, where you can access the Live Chat option by clicking on the Orange Tab.
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