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What should I do when my dad hits me?

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What should I do when my dad hits me?


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You have asked what you should do when your dad hits you. We are really sorry to hear that this is happening to you, it must be very difficult for you.  

It is important that you know that nobody has the right to lay their hands on you and injure you, nobody. This is quite serious and should not be happening to you or any other children or teenagers. You have the right to feel safe and free from danger. You have the right to seek support from the Gardai or Tusla Child and Family services. Tusla can be contacted via this website: If you feel you are a risk to your own safety or in any danger from others at any time, you also have the right to contact a GP, the emergency services by calling  112  or  999  at no charge or you could present yourself at your closest A&E department. 

You may have a trusted adult in your life such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, neighbour etc. that you could get support from with this difficult situation. They may be able to help ensure that you get the correct support and help keep you safe.  

You can always contact Childline on  1800 66 66 66, contact us by text on  50101, or through our webchat at The Childline team is there to listen 24 hours a day, every day. Our services are free, confidential, and non-judgemental. They will support you and explore the different options available to you.     

We hope that you have found some of the information useful, thank you for sharing your question and keep safe. 


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