Two young girls standing out on an apartment balcony in a city centre.

A young person answered questions about their experience of life in foster care

1. What advice would you give to a child who is about to go into foster care? 

It can be scary but don’t be scared about moving to a new home. You will be looked after and loved and have everything you want and ever need. You will also see your parents (*this may depend on your circumstances). If you have anything you are worried about or want to ask, you can always ask your social worker. 


2. Would you describe your experience of foster care as positive or negative? 

I find that my experience in foster care is 100% positive. I enjoy being in foster care. I have a great family and people who care and love me. I also have everything I could ever want. 


3. What are the best and worst things about being in foster care? 

The best things in foster care are that you can try new things you have never done before and meet new people. You will have a lovely warm house and always feel safe. The worst thing about foster care is that your foster carers have to ask the social workers everything, like going on holidays and some rules are quite strict. 


4. Do you have a social worker or other trusted adult outside the family to talk to if you’re worried about something? 

Yes, I have my social worker, my nanny, papa/grandad, mammy, daddy and also my foster parents’ link worker. 


5. Are you happy with the support you have within the foster care system? 

Yes, I do have lots support and I’m thankful for it. 


6. What do you think is the biggest myth about being in foster care? 

I would say a few myths about being in foster care is that foster carers are super mean and they will never let you do anything and they just lock you away and that you will never see your family again. 


7. What would you say to any adult reading this who might be wondering if they could be a foster parent? 

Being a foster parent can be tough but it is a great experience and journey. I think more people should foster kids to help kids out there looking for a safe place to live. 

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