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Resilience is the ability to cope with challenges or to come back even stronger after a difficult or stressful experience.

If you’re not sure whether you are a resilient person, think about all you have gone through in your life and how you were able to overcome the toughest times. That is resilience.

Everyone has the capacity to build upon the resilience they already have. At Childline, we are dedicated to helping you with any difficult situation you are in and developing coping skills to deal with the problem.

You can do that for yourself as well by remembering that you have three powerful sources of resilience within you at all times:

I AM – this is who you are and what you already have in your toolbox to help you get through difficult parts of life.

So, for example, list out five personality traits you have that make you feel good. Eg. ‘I am a good person, I am strong, I am confident’ etc.

I CAN  – this describes what you can do to feel more empowered in any given situation. Eg. ‘I can ask for help, I can walk away, I can change my attitude’ etc.

I HAVE – this is a reminder of who or what you have in your life that can help you through this tough period. Eg. ‘I have a trusted adult that I can turn to, I have good friends who care about me, I have a support network, etc.

By remembering and using these three resources on a regular basis, you will feel more resilient and better equipped to deal with any hardship that may come your way in life.

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