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What can I do to help my social anxiety

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what is something i can do to help with social anxiety?


Hi, welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for reaching out to us.
It sounds like you may be experiencing some social anxiety and are looking for ways to manage it.
Social anxiety can be an uncomfortable feeling, but there are lots of positive coping strategies that could work for you. Some of these include practicing mindfulness, writing in a journal, practicing deep breathing, talking about the problem, and engaging in a hobby you enjoy. These are all examples of coping strategies to help manage social anxiety.
These links might also be helpful for you There are many more articles on the website also.
It is really important that you speak to a trusted adult about how you are feeling, as this can be very helpful. The adult could be a parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, or youth worker.
If you feel like you are not ready to speak to a trusted adult, Childline is here for you if you would like to talk to us about your situation. We will not judge you, and we can help you explore options that may be available to you. We are open 24 hours every day, so there is always someone here to talk or chat with you. Our phone number is 1800 66 66 66, and you can reach our chat service at by clicking on the orange Live Chat tab.
Take care of yourself; we would love to hear from you soon.

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