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Using the toilet straight after

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If you have unprotected sex but use the toilet striaght after does that lower a chance of pregnancy?


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You have asked “If you have unprotected sex but use the toilet after does that lower a chance of pregnancy?” and the answer is no. Urination after sex does not prevent pregnancy. For a pregnancy to occur the sperm of a man joins with the woman’s egg. Fertilization usually takes place in the fallopian tube that links the ovary to the uterus. If the fertilized egg successfully travels down the fallopian tube and implants in the uterus, an embryo starts growing. Using the toilet after sex does not reduce this possibility, as sperm travels via the vagina, while urine leaves the body through the urethra. Therefore, they don’t mix or interfere with each other.

If you are concerned about pregnancy, it would be important to discuss this with a medical professional without delay, such as your local GP or nurse.  

We are concerned that you may not taking care of yourself by having unprotected sex and not having all the necessary information about it. Unprotected sex leaves you and your partner vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or an unwanted pregnancy. . is a valuable resource that offers comprehensive information and guidance on sexual health and relationships specifically tailored for teenagers. The Sexual Health Centre on is another useful resource for information, support, and education in the areas of sexual health, wellbeing, sexuality, and healthy relationships.  

It is important that you have a trusted adult who can support you. This could be a carer, extended family member, a teacher. or anyone that you feel comfortable with, who will be able to help guide you. It can be a tricky subject to discuss with those around you but it is important to ensure that you have all the correct information around sexual health so you can be protected and safe.  

If you feel you would like to speak with someone who is not in your life first, our Childline team is here 24/7 on the freephone number 1800 66 66 66 and you can use this space to talk freely and without any judgement. They will support and guide you, rather than telling you what to do and it can help to start that conversation going. You can also chat by clicking the purple messenger on 

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