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hey alexx theres this boy whose really funny and nie sometimes we talk online but barley in school ive liked him for awhil but now my feelings r so hight i think of him in everything i do like bed i js wanna hug him help me on how to win him!


Hi there, welcome to Ask Alex!
First of all, thank you for reaching out and sharing your feelings with us. It’s completely normal to have a crush, and it sounds like this boy means a lot to you. It’s great that you two have connected online, even if you don’t talk much at school. It’s natural to want to be closer to someone you like, and your feelings are perfectly valid.
When it comes to getting closer to him, try to build your friendship gradually. You could start by saying “hi” more often in school or finding opportunities to talk about things you both enjoy. This could be as simple as commenting on a shared class, a hobby, or a funny thing that happened during the day. The more you communicate, the more comfortable you both might feel around each other.
Also, it might help to join activities or clubs that he’s involved in. This way, you can spend more time together in a natural setting. Remember to be yourself and show genuine interest in his thoughts and feelings. People are often drawn to those who show kindness and authenticity.
Lastly, try not to put too much pressure on yourself or the situation. Relationships and feelings can be complicated, and it’s ok to take things slow. Focus on enjoying the moments you share and building a strong foundation of friendship. If it’s meant to be, things will naturally progress from there. You may find this article helpful
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