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The bullying has stopped but I still feel sad about it

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I was bullied really badly last year around x nas time online and stuff it stopped in January but I still feel like I did when it was happening they used to make fun of my self harm and told me to kms ans I feel invalid for wanting to sometimes becuase it happened So long ago but I consider it now ans sometimes I feel like I’m gonna do it. What should I do ? 


Hello there, you’re very welcome to Ask Alex. 

You’re saying you experienced online bullying during Christmas and have the same feelings as you did when it happened. You said comments were made about your self-harm and you feel invalid for feeling this way as it happened a long time ago. You’ve been told to ‘kms’ and are wondering what you should do now. 

Firstly, well done for reaching out and sharing with us what you’re going through right now. We know it’s not always easy to talk about what’s on your mind and you’ve been very brave for getting in touch. It sounds like you were going through a tough time before the online bullying started. The online or ‘cyber’ bullying has understandably made things more difficult. Secondly, how you feel now, even though the bullying has stopped, is still valid. When we experience bullying, we can feel anxious, upset, hopeless and angry and it can lead us to develop low self-esteem. These emotions can still be felt for some time after the incident has happened.  

We are not sure what you mean by ‘kms’. Would it be referring to ‘kill myself’? If so, we could be very concerned to hear that you are thinking of suicide and are engaging in self-harm. You have a right to feel happy and to get support around this. One way of helping us understand and work through our feelings is to talk to someone about what we are experiencing. This could be with a parent, aunt/uncle, grandparent, teacher, older sibling or another trusted adult you feel comfortable talking to.  

There are organisations in Ireland that you might find helpful for understanding what you’re going through. Here are links to Pieta House (, phone: 1800 247 247 or text 51444) and Jigsaw ( There’s a bit of information on the Childline website too around bullying/cyberbullying in particular that may find useful:  

Thanks again for reaching out to us. If you ever just want to chat, Childline are here 24/7. You can call us on 1800 666 666, text 50101 or chat online at We do not judge you or tell you what to do and we’d love to chat to you more about how you are feeling.  

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