Resilience is something we all have but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it means and how we can strengthen it.


Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, paediatrician and human development expert, declared that there are seven key components that make up our resilience.



Having social and problem-solving skills to help you through any difficult time in your life.



Having confidence in yourself, identifying your strengths and believing that you have the ability to handle any situation that comes your way.



Developing close ties with family, friends and the community gives you a stronger sense of security and belonging, and strengthens your sense of self.


A strong character is when you have a sense of what’s right and wrong, you know your values and you feel empowered to make your own choices.


Being able to add something of value to the world is a very powerful experience.

Seeing that you can make a difference and knowing that people appreciate when you work hard is something that will enhance every other area of your life.



Learning coping skills for when things go wrong is a vital part of every person’s education.

Knowing how to reduce stress and how to talk to others about your problems will help you cope better with everyday stresses.


When you feel like you have some control in the decisions you make, you have more responsibility and are more likely to take actions that will guarantee the best outcome for yourself and those around you.