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To Pat / 21 April 2020

Topic: Teased because I am a slow runner

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Hi Pat,

I’m having trouble with people in my class. Some people in my class tease me because I am a slow runner because I have a brain injury. But not many people know that so when ever there’s a running game I have to sit out. But lots of people do running so I am mostly left alone.  The teasing isn’t serious, and since we are in lockdown I can’t see them, but I am worried it could turn into something worse when Corona virus is over and we go back to school. Please write back.

From, Lin

From Pat / 6 May 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat,

Thank you for your message Lin, it is very brave of you to let us know what is going on for you. It sounds like you have had a brain injury that people do not know about when they look at you. You show signs of your injury when you are active, in particular when you run and you have been receiving negative teasing about this from others in school. It is understandable that you feel worried that this could turn into something worse when you go back to school and while you feel the teasing is not serious at the moment, it seems like you are wary of it progressing further and getting worse.

Have you or your parents / guardians talked to a teacher in your school about how this is impacting on you? You would have the right to share this information with those in your life about what is going on. You have the right to get help from an adult that you trust, to listen and support you. For some it may be a family member, others a teacher or a sports leader. If you feel like there is not a trusted adult in your life that you can talk to right now, there is always the option of contacting Childline and exploring what is going on for you in more detail.

On the Childline website there are a number of useful sections where you might find help, get some more information and find supports that are relevant to you. Remember when you talk to Childline, we can help you to explore your thoughts, feelings and options. You can chat to us by phone (1800 66 66 66), text (50101) or web chat (this website We do not judge what you say at Childline and your chat can stay confidential. How you contact Childline is up to you, and all of our services are free.

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