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Talking about bodies and growing up with my friend

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I was at my friends house today I’m a girl and I was wearing a dress. We were in his room and we both talk about bodies and growing up. When I sat down he saw up my dress and he said he felt tingly in his private parts I allowed him to take his private parts out of his pants which he did and it was really big and as I liked he felt tingly when he saw up my dress so I spread my legs and pulled my tights down and lifted my dress up he was rubbing his private part and when he saw my underwear a lot of white stuff flew out of his private part and onto my legs is this all normal as I said yes to him and what was the sticky stuff.


Hi there and thank you for contacting Ask Alex!  

You mention you were in a friend’s room, and you were talking about bodies and growing up. You say that when you sat down, he saw up your dress and he said he felt tingly in his private parts, and you allowed him to take his private parts out. It sounds like you are describing what is known as sexual arousal which causes changes in the genitals.  

Consent is an essential part to a healthy and respectful sexual relationship, so you took the right first step. Consent means that both/all people are excited about and completely on board with what’s happening. We all have the right to determine for ourselves what we do with our bodies, when we do it and with whom. Another key ingredient in any relationship, is respect. This website gives lots of information that you might like to read up on before taking any relationship further than what happened today: 

You are also wondering if it is normal for white stuff to fly out of his private part and onto your legs. Here it sounds like you are talking about masturbation and ejaculation occurring. Masturbation is normal and again consent is also key if it involves two or more people. This link here might help explain: 

You are also very welcome to contact Childline directly by phone 1800 66 66 66 or on Live Chat through our website at There are many articles on the Childline website about relationships which may be helpful We are here for you, for free, confidential and non-judgemental chats. 

Thanks again for reaching out and take care of yourself,  


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