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What is ‘deadnaming’?

Deadnaming is the deliberate or accidental use of a transgender person’s birth name or ‘dead’ name that they had before they transitioned.
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How to get through Christmas after the death of a loved one

The first Christmas after the death of a loved one can be a very tough time for the family and friends left behind.
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toxic family

How to cope with toxic family members at Christmas

TV and films like to sell us a fairytale at Christmas but in reality, toxic family members can have a big effect on your holiday.
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eating disorder

How to handle Christmas if you have an eating disorder

If you have an eating disorder, Christmas can become a minefield of deception and anxiety that leaves you feeling thoroughly miserable.
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cuffing season

What is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing Season refers to people pairing up aka. ‘cuffing’ during the winter months to avoid having to go out on the cold nights
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How to tell someone you’re having thoughts of suicide

If you are having thoughts of suicide it is understandable that you might feel alone but there is help available all around you.
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What does inappropriate sexual behaviour look like?

Inappropriate sexual behaviour can take many different forms and shouldn't be simply reduced to unwanted physical contact
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What is gender dysphoria?

A person experiences gender dysphoria when the sex they were assigned at birth causes them physical and/or emotional distress
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What is resilience and why is it so important?

Resilience is the ability to cope with challenges or to come back even stronger after a difficult or stressful experience.
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loved ones

What to do if your loved ones don’t accept your gender identity

Telling your loved ones about your gender identity can be emotional. Here's what to do if they find it hard to accept who you are
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What does it mean to be transgender?

Transgender is an umbrella term for anyone whose gender identity differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.
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What it’s really like to live in Foster Care

There are many misconceptions of what it's like to live in foster care. Here is a young person's account of what it's really like.
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