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When a friend seems sad and unusually quiet, we might worry about them.

Not sure how to help?

Sometimes we can notice a change in a friend’s mood. If it goes on for a long time, we can begin to worry about them. It can be hard to know what we can do to help them. We may want to be there for them, but we may not know what to say.

Not like themselves

We can feel worried about our friends for many reasons. Friends, just like us, can feel lots of different emotions.

They may usually appear happy and chatty and then become quiet, not talk to us as much as before or seem to be very sad a lot of the time. They might not want to go out and hang out as usual, or, when they do, they might not seem like their usual selves.

Some people find it easy to tell other people what is on their mind. Others can find this really difficult. It is worth remembering that Talking Makes Us Stronger.

Good friends​

It is natural that you might feel concerned when a friend appears to be having a hard time. At times like this, you can remind your friend that you are worried about them and ask them if they would like to chat with you about what’s going on. They might find this very helpful.

Talk to an adult​

If you feel like your friend’s problems are big and you are still worried, it is ok to let an adult know about your concerns. This can be a parent / guardian, a teacher, or another trusted adult who you feel comfortable talking to. This way, you can share your worries with someone else. 

Talking to an adult can help you figure out the best way to support your friend. 

Support is available

Being worried about someone else and wanting to help them is the sign you are a good friend and that you care. When you notice a friend is struggling, it can feel difficult to do nothing. The best way to support your friend might be by doing something to help.

This might mean talking to your friend, or offering a listening ear. Asking them if they would like to hang out with you and have some fun might be another good option. If you feel you are very worried about them, then talking to an adult and getting some advice is a very good idea. 

Childline is always here to listen to you and support you. You can contact Childline at any time and talk about what’s on your mind. You can always let your friend know that they can contact Childline too. 

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