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Suicidal thoughts at 11 years

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Is it normal to get suicidal thoughts at age 11 


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You are asking whether it is normal to have suicidal thoughts at 11 years of age.

It’s ok and normal to not feel ok sometimes. There is nothing strange about feeling down or having suicidal thoughts. It can happen to anyone from any background, even at a young age and can be caused by a variety of things. However, if your thoughts are regular and taking over other areas of your life, then it is extremely important that you get the help and support you deserve.

Here is an article that helps to explain suicide and the feeling and thoughts that come with it: 

It’s important to keep safe. Anybody that is feeling suicidal could consider talking to a family member, loved one, friend or trusted adult like a teacher or doctor who could offer help and professional support. If you are ever feeling at risk of acting on your suicidal thoughts, you should contact emergency services at 999 or 112. is an organisation that helps and supports people who have suicidal thoughts. There freephone number is 1800 247 247 and their text number is 51444. 

Please also know that the ISPCC’s Childline service is available to listen to you. You can call us freephone at 1800 66 66 66 or chat online through Live Chat at Our team are here to listen 24/7 about whatever you might wish to talk about and the service is anonymous, confidential and non-judgmental

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