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To Pat / 10 Jan 2020

Topic: Someone you love cheats on you

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What do you do if someone you love cheats on you

From Pat / 07 Feb 2020


Hi, and welcome to Ask Pat.

We’re sorry to hear this has happened, relationships can be hard to manage at times. It can be difficult to describe how we’re feeling sometimes but everyone does have the right to feel how they feel, and whatever you may be feeling is completely normal. You also have the right to be happy and to get help and support for the feelings you have and to talk about them.

We’re just wondering do you have an adult in your life that you trust and would feel comfortable talking to about how you’re feeling, like maybe a parent, family member or a school counsellor. Sometimes talking can help us to understand our feelings and help us to feel better.

You are always welcome to come and chat with us, you can call us anytime on 1800 66 66 66, or text us on 50101, or chat with us on the Childline website. There’s also a section on the Childline website with information about relationships and how to cope with a break up that might help you if you gave it a read.

Take care, Pat.

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