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Hi I feel so alone in this world and I mentally don’t think I’m able to complete another year of school with no friends


Hello there and welcome to Ask Alex, 

Thank you for being so honest with us – it is very brave of you to share that you feel so alone and are worried about completing another year of school with no friends.

We hear from a lot of children who feel lonely and find it difficult to make friends, so rest assured that you are not alone. The good news is that with the right support and attitude, it is possible to find the confidence to make new friendships. 

It sounds like you are struggling to make friends in school – have you tried joining an after-school club or activity where you might meet people who have similar interests to you? After school clubs tend to be smaller groups of people than a classroom and interacting over a project or activity can make it easier to strike up conversation. 

One tip for talking to people you don’t know is to be curious – show the person you are interested in them by asking questions like – how was their weekend, or schoolwork, or a hobby. You might be surprised at how people like to chat and share information about themselves. 

There are many articles on the Childline website about friendships. You may like to have a read through some of them here in particular and 

It might also help to talk to someone you know and trust about how lonely you feel. Sometimes talking to others can help you to see your situation in a different way.

If you don’t have someone you trust within your circle, you can call us at Childline 24/7 for free on 1800 66 66 66 or if you would prefer to chat online you can go onto our Childline website and click on the purple chat messenger circle. 

We will not judge you – we are here to listen and help you figure things out. Thank you for reaching out to us and take care of yourself, 


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