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To Pat / 25 May 2019

Topic: School and Family

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My mum and dad are threatening to make me move to a school close to home if I don’t get good results in my exams. I am very worried as my exams are this week and I find it very hard to study. I go to an Irish secondary school at the minute and I really love it but some people there aren’t that nice to me. What should I do???

From Pat / 24 July 2019


Hi thank you for your email. It sounds like there’s a few things worrying you at the moment. You are finding it hard to study and are worrying about your exams. You mentioned that there are people in your school who aren’t that nice to you. You are also worried about the possibility that you might have to move to another school. It might help if you can talk to someone about all of this. Would you feel comfortable talking to a teacher or a school counselor? You shouldn’t have to deal with this on your own. You have a right to get support.

It might help to talk to Childline about this. Childline can be contacted on by texting 50101 or by phoning 1800 66 66 66


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