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To Pat / 25 Jan 2020

Topic: Religious parents and I'm pregnant

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I have very religious parents and I’m pregnant what should I do

From Pat / 11 Feb 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat,

It sounds like you are unsure what to do as you feel you are pregnant.
Finding out about a pregnancy can result in mixed emotions for both mums and dads to be. You have the right to support both physically and emotionally from adults in your life and from professionals.
You would have the right to receive medical help to confirm your pregnancy and to support you while you are pregnant.

There are services available that can offer you information on what to do when making a decision towards your next step. Organisations such as or are available to young people who find themselves in a situation where they feel they are pregnant.

Childline is here to listen, support and to help you to explore the options that are available to you, if you find yourself in such a situation. You can contact us by phone, text, or webchat service

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