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To Pat / 09 February 2020

Topic: Problem with walking to school

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Hi my name is Michaela and I am 12 years old and I seem to have a problem with walking to school which is less than a mile from my home and the roads are safe with only 2 zebra crossings. The problem is that the teachers who don’t like me, see me walking to school and then they report it to principal and principal bothers my parents. I just want to print a little statement from professionals that I can show to teachers and principal, if needed. Thanks in advance

From Pat / 23 March 2020


Hi there Michaela, you are very welcome to Ask Pat.

You are telling us that you have a problem with walking to school. The most important thing is that you keep yourself safe Michaela and you are also telling us that the roads are safe and you only have 2 zebra crossings and it is less than a mile from your home. That sounds like it is safe but you say the teachers report that to the principal and then they contact your parents.

Perhaps you would like to chat a little more with us about this situation and we can support you around this and explore with you the options that are available to you. We can also discuss how you are thinking and feeling because you mention that some teachers don’t like you and we would be concerned about that.

Our phone line is open 24 hours a day at 1800 66 66 66 and our service is confidential and we would never judge you. Our FreeText number is 50101 and our free LiveChat service is available through this website,

Thank you for contacting us Michaela and we wish you well,


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