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Preparing for ASD/Autism assessment

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how do i prepare for my ASD/autism assessment? ive been waiting for this day for over 6 YEARS and its happening in a few days and im really nervous. what if i dont answer truthfully?? what if i dont understand?? i barely even know what certain emotions feel like!??!


Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!
It’s completely understandable to feel nervous about your upcoming ASD/autism assessment after waiting for so long. First off, take a deep breath and know that you’re not alone in this. Many people feel anxious before assessments, especially when it’s about something as personal as understanding yourself better.
One way to prepare is by jotting down any concerns or questions you have beforehand. This can help you remember to discuss everything during the assessment. Also, try not to worry too much about answering “truthfully.” Just be yourself and share what you feel comfortable with. The professionals conducting the assessment are there to help and understand you, not to judge.
If you’re unsure about certain emotions or feelings, it’s ok to express that during the assessment. They’re trained to guide you through the process and understand your unique experiences. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to feel or express yourself. is an organisation which supports autistic people. They have a section on their website explaining the process of diagnosis, which you may find helpful.
Lastly, if you ever feel overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, our Childline Team is here for you 24/7. You can reach out anytime through phone or messenger, and rest assured, everything you share is confidential and judgment-free.
You’re never alone in this journey, and there are people ready to support and explore options with you every step of the way.
We wish you the best with your assessment. Take care,

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