Finding out that you are pregnant, or going to be a father, can be a scary time in your life.

What can I expect if I am pregnant?​

When you are pregnant, your body goes through lots of different changes. 

You might feel that you need extra support from your partner, friends or family at this time.

Being pregnant can be an exciting time for new parents, but it can also put new parents under pressure. 

Young parents might find it difficult to cope and might feel isolated.

Support is available​​

It is important to know that you have the right to get medical help and support throughout your pregnancy. You also have the right to emotional support from the adults in your life and from professionals. 

You have the right to talk about the options that might work best for you and your partner. Lots of organisations offer information and support when you are making a decision on your next step. 

They include:

is a site provided by the HSE. There you can find information about many issues related to mental health and also find information about other support services.​

The Irish Family Planning Association

is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Jigsaw Services provide young people aged 12-25 with a place they can visit for free and confidential support from trained mental health professionals.

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You can also contact Childline by phone, text or online. At Childline, we are here to listen to your thoughts and feelings. Childline is a confidential service and we don’t judge you or tell you what to do. 

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