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my friend messaged me to masturbate with them we r both girlsi dont know how to respond to them


Hi there, welcome to Ask Alex!
Thank you for reaching out. It’s great that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and questions with us. We understand that being a teenager can be challenging, and it’s important to have a safe space where you can express yourself.
In Ireland, the age of consent is 17. It’s crucial to remember that you should never feel pressured into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with. Your feelings and boundaries are important, and it’s ok to say no. If someone truly respects you, they will understand and respect your boundaries. This article can help you in set your boundaries
When it comes to online safety, it’s essential to be mindful about what you share. In Ireland, it’s illegal to have any inappropriate images of anyone under 18 on your phone or devices, even if the images are of yourself. Sharing or possessing such images can have serious legal consequences. Always think twice before sending or sharing anything online. Here is another article which you may find helpful And there are many more on the Childline website.
If you ever feel overwhelmed or unsure about a situation, it’s ok to ask for help. You can always talk to someone you trust. However, if you feel you can’t talk to someone you know just yet, the Childline Team is available 24 hours a day, every day. You can reach out to them for free at 1800 66 66 66 or by Messenger at (just click on the purple chat icon). Our service is non-judgmental and confidential.
Remember, you are never alone. We are here for you to support you and explore your options with you. Take care, and don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need to talk,

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