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To Pat / 12 May 2019

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Self Harm

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I used to self harm and feel anxious all the time and sad but it kinda stopped for a while now I’ve gone back to self harming and feeling sad and anxious what should I do i really don’t want to go back to the way it was
Pat / 24 Jul 2019
Thank you for your email. It sounds like you use to feel sad and anxious all the time and use to self harm but then it stopped for a while but recently those feelings have come back and you are self harming again. You have been very brave to contact Ask Pat to look for advice about this. It's important to remember you don't have to go through this on your own. You have a right to get help and support for your sadness and anxiety. You might feel comfortable talking to an adult that you trust such as your doctor or a family member or teacher. Childline is always here to listen to you and support you. You can contact Childline on, by texting 50101 or by phoning 1800666666.

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