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To Pat / 17 Jan 2020

Topic: Nobody to hang around with

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Hi pat,
I’m now going into 6th year in secondary school and I find that I have nobody to hang around with. This happened last year where I was left isolated and had too many fake friends. Even the people who claim to be my friend have left me because of my family issues. I don’t know what to do because I get really anxious in school and feel on edge all day. At home I can’t trust anybody. I feel as though I have nobody both at home and in school. I tried making friends also but nobody ever wants to include me into their group. I know by the uninviting stares I get and the words said behind my back. All I want is to have at least one friend I can trust. What should I do?

From Pat / 24 Feb 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat.

You have mentioned that you are having trouble with friendships in school, as well as having issues at home. It seems like this is causing you to feel anxious day-to-day.

You deserve to have meaningful and supportive friendships. School should be a safe space where you can do this. Sounds like some people you have tried making friends with have not been kind towards you. It is understandable that your friends leaving you would make you feel really anxious. If you are feeling left out in school, you have the right to speak to someone like a guidance counsellor/teacher. You might find some useful information regarding friendships on our website in the ‘Friends’ piece in our ‘Info and Advice’ section.

You said your friends have left you because of your family issues. While at home you are saying you cannot trust anyone. It is difficult to feel alone. It would be important that if you do not trust anyone at home, that you have a trusted adult elsewhere that you feel comfortable speaking to about these emotions. If you do not feel like you have an adult like this, Childline is always here to listen. You can speak over the phone to us about what is going on 1800 666 666. Also you can text us for free at 50101 or chat online on our website.

You have been brave to write to us to share what is going on for you. We are here anytime, to listen to you if you would like to chat to us.

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