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why does my mom not let me have therapy? ive needed it for years yet shes always said ill get worse. (i have no friends. not allowed them and i dont think my family support me in that way)


Hi there, you’re very welcome to Ask Alex!
Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feelings with us. It takes a lot of courage to talk about what you’re going through, and we want you to know that your feelings are valid and important. It’s really tough when you feel like you need support but aren’t able to get it, especially from those closest to you.
It sounds like you’re in a difficult situation with your mom not allowing you to have therapy, even though you feel it could help you. Parents sometimes have their own beliefs and concerns about therapy, which might not always align with what you need. They might think that avoiding therapy will protect you from something, but it’s important to have an open conversation about why you believe therapy would help you.
Feeling isolated and not having friends can make things even harder. Friendships are an important part of growing up and having a support system outside your family can be really beneficial. If you’re not allowed to have friends, it’s important to find other ways to connect with people who understand and support you. There are online communities and groups where you can find support and make connections with others who might be experiencing similar things. However, it is really important to protect yourself when online. This article provides lots of ways to keep yourself safe when online
We encourage you to try and talk to your mom again about how you’re feeling. Maybe you can explain that therapy is a safe space where you can talk about your feelings and get help with managing them. You could also suggest going to a counsellor together, so she can see first-hand how it might benefit you. It might be a difficult conversation, but it’s worth trying to make her understand your perspective. Maybe you could try writing down what you want to say first, that way you won’t forget anything. Or perhaps, you could give the note to your mom if you found it difficult to speak the words to her.
Remember, you’re not alone in this. You can always contact us at Childline by freephone 1800 66 66 66 or Messenger at (just click on the purple chat icon). We are confidential, non-judgmental, open 24/7, and always here for you for any reason, any time. 
We wish you the best, and hope your conversation goes well with you mom,

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