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My sister is really annoying

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Hey Alex. My sister is really annoying. Like she’ll say random things. Like she’ll laugh at things that aren’t funny, (kinda like a nervous, “im laughing because I don’t know what to say ” laugh, but extra loud.) And she talks loudly. Omg and the other day we were outside talking bout the name callie, and she said “I know a callie.  Like, what a brat. I don’t know.  And she’ll be watching something, and a character will do something and she’ll go ” oohh and she doesssssss.” Like I don’t care I’m trying to read my book.  She’ll follow me, AND try to be friends with my friends. Like, brat you’re 27. This is my life. I don’t know. I just can’t explain it any other way. I try to get Along and try to keep her out of getting me in trouble. Like she’ll put Taylor swift on, (my dad hates Taylor swift. I like her but I listen on my tablet. Which she took once from my bag and it’ll be on the “continue ” list on the tv, and then I’ll have to worry about getting in trouble because my bratty sister put on a singer.


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Thank you for reaching out and sharing what’s on your mind. It sounds like you’re going through a really frustrating time with your sister. It’s tough when someone close to us behaves in ways that are annoying or hard to understand, especially when there’s a big age gap. It’s completely ok to feel annoyed and overwhelmed by her actions.
It seems like your sister’s behaviour, like talking loudly and laughing at things that aren’t funny, really gets on your nerves. It’s understandable to want some peace and quiet, especially when you’re trying to focus on things like reading. It’s important to find ways to set boundaries so you can have your own space and time to do what you enjoy. You may finf this article helpful
You mentioned that she often brings up her own experiences or tries to join in with your friends. This can feel intrusive and frustrating, especially when you want your own independence. It might help to have a calm conversation with her about how you feel. Let her know that while you appreciate her being around, you also need your own space and time with your friends.
It’s also tricky when her actions might get you into trouble, like playing Taylor Swift when your dad dislikes her music. Maybe you can explain to your sister how certain actions affect you and suggest ways to avoid these situations. Finding common ground and understanding each other’s perspectives can sometimes help improve the situation.
Remember, it’s ok to feel how you feel, and you don’t have to handle everything on your own. If you need someone to talk to, you can always contact us at Childline by freephone 1800 66 66 66 or Messenger at (just click on the purple chat icon). We are confidential, non-judgmental, open 24/7, and always here for you for any reason, any time.
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