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My sister has anger issues

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I’m in a care home that not abusive at all they’re loving people but my biological sister is here She is younger and has anger issues she says horrible thing to me regarding my weight I have struggles with my mental health I have no one to talk to I feal sad every night Ik when I’m 18 I have a plan in place to go to college and be successful but I can’t take it anymore I’m crying every night I feal sad all the time 


Hi there, thank you for contacting us in Ask Alex.  

We can hear that you have a lot going on for you lately. We are glad that you decided to reach out for support. It is important that you get the support that you deserve, so you can live your best possible life. 

It is concerning to hear about how your sister has been saying horrible things to you. It is understandable that this would be upsetting for you. Nobody has the right to treat you badly. We wonder if you have talked to your sister about how her behaviour is impacting on you? 

While it is normal for siblings to fight from time to time, it can become more serious when it manifests in bullying. Sibling bullying is not uncommon, and it involves intentional, repeated aggression towards someone. You can read more about sibling bullying and get some tips on how to deal with this in this article   

You say that you are feeling sad every night and you have nobody to talk to. You have the right to be happy and have people to turn to for support. It is normal to feel sad from time to time, but it becomes more serious when it is something that is happening all the time. We can start to feel hopeless and find it hard to see how things will get better.  It is so important that when we are feeling sad all the time that we have the space to talk to someone about this, so that things can start to get better again.  

We wonder if you have any trusted adults in your life that you feel you can talk to? You mentioned that you have loving people in your care home, so perhaps there might be someone there that you can talk to. If you feel you are not getting the support you need from them, you also have the right to talk to a doctor about this and your doctor can refer you to a mental health professional. 

In the meantime, there are some other mental health support services that you can access on your own. You might find it beneficial to contact Jigsaw which is a free counselling and mental health service for young people. You can find more about the services Jigsaw provide also offer free online counselling and support groups for young people.  

You would be very welcome to give us a call here and tell us how you are today. Our freephone number is 1800 66 66 66 or if you prefer you could use our web chat on (click on the orange Live Chat button/tab). All the Childline services are free, confidential and open 24 hours a day. 

Take care of yourself, and know that you are not alone, we are here to support you.


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