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My parents make me wear long sleeves to hide my scars

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I used to self- harm but I haven’t done it in a while, however I have scars on my arm that my parents found out about. I thought they might be supportive, but they are just angry. They said it was stupid I did that to myself and now they are making me wear long sleeves because its ‘embarrassing’ I tried talking to them, but they are still doing these things. It’s really hot out and I don’t want to deal with this all summer, what do I do? 


Hey there, welcome to ask Alex, and thank you for reaching out to us.  

You have spoken about self- harming in the past but that you have stopped a while ago. Well done with that achievement! That took a lot of courage. Your parents have found out about the scars on your arms and are making you were long sleeved clothes to cover them up in the hot weather. You also mention trying to speak with them, but they are angry and unsupportive. 

That sounds like a lot to deal with. Many people self- harm as a coping mechanism for dealing with difficult emotions and you might not be aware of why this happens which is ok. Did you get some support with stopping hurting yourself? It might be helpful to seek some help in dealing with the overwhelming emotions that could have caused you to self –harm in the first place. 

Are there other trusted adults in your life you might feel comfortable talking to about how you are feeling generally? It could be a family member like an aunt or uncle, grand -parents or maybe a teacher you trust. They might be able to help your patents understand what you have gone through, and how brave you were is stopping. This person may be able to talk to your parents so that they can give the support you require from them. With your parents help, it might also be possible in consulting with a dermatologist for some help with looking at how to get rid of some the scars. 

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone in your own life and you wanted to speak to someone in confidence, Childline is here 24/7 on 1800 66 66 66.  

If you would rather not speak over the phone, we also have our chat service at where there is always someone to listen to you and speak with you about your thoughts and feelings. 

Pieta House is another support service that deals with anyone who is self-harming Their website is if you want to have a look at it, and their phone number is 1800 247 247.   

Thanks again for contacting us, you have shown great courage by getting in touch.  

Take care of yourself, and remember you are not alone, Childline is here for you. 


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