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My parent's make me feel bad about myself

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My mam calls me self obsessed and fake and when I cry my dad calls me dramatic this makes me feel bad about myself


Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us,
You are saying that your parent’s make you feel bad about yourself by calling you names.
Firstly, we want to say that it’s tough when the people closest to you make you feel misunderstood or judged. It’s important to recognise that your feelings are valid, and it’s okay to feel hurt by the words of others, especially your parents. We want you to know that you’re not alone in dealing with these emotions, and reaching out for support is a brave step.
It’s important to understand that parents, like everyone else, can sometimes struggle with expressing their feelings or understanding yours. It doesn’t mean your emotions aren’t valid, but it might indicate a communication gap. Consider having an open and honest conversation with them about how their words impact you. Expressing your feelings might help bridge the gap and help them to see things from your perspective. This article may be helpful for you to read
Remember, you are not defined by the labels others place on you. Embrace the qualities that make you unique and special. Surround yourself with supportive friends or mentors who appreciate you for who you are. It’s okay to look for guidance from people outside your immediate family if needed. Someone like another family member or a teacher you feel comfortable talking to.
Lastly, take care of your emotional well-being. If the situation becomes overwhelming, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Childline team who can provide additional support. We do not judge, and we can explore some options with you. You can contact us any time of the day or night, the Childline Listening service never closes, we are here for you 24/7/365. Our free-phone number is 1800 66 66 66 or you can use Live Chat on our website
You deserve to be heard and supported during these challenging times. Know that you are not on your own, Childline is here you any reason, any time,

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