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My parents force me to go to tuition

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My parents force me to go tuition while I am under 16 so what can I do to not go tuition


Hi there, 

Thank you for contacting us; well done for reaching out for some support. We are sorry that your parents are forcing you to do extra tuition. It sounds frustrating to feel forced into doing something you do not want, and no one has the right to make you feel like that. Do your parents know how you are feeling? You have the right to talk to them and express your thoughts. You did not mention how your grades were in school. Is it possible that your parents are worried about your grades and feel you need extra support to pass a subject? Having a chat with one of your teachers might also help to discuss your grades and how you feel about the extra tuition.  

Having an open and honest conversation with your parents and teacher is important to let them know how you feel. Would it be possible to tell your parents that you can keep up with your homework and ask them for a break from tuition to see if you can keep up on your own? Maybe come up with a plan letting them know If you start struggling, you would be open to going back to tuition. How does that sound? This is an article from our website that you might like to read on families  

What do you like to do when you are not studying for fun and relaxation? Having ways to relax is important for your happiness and well-being. Doing things you enjoy can help reset stress levels and help you relax, too. Make sure you include time for some of your meaningful activities when you are not in school and studying.  

If you need to talk more, remember you can chat confidentially with us for free by phone at 1800 66 66 66 or online. Just go to our website,, and click the purple chat button. You can contact us to chat about anything. You do not need to worry or concern. Childline will always be here for you. 

Thank you for contacting us and remember you are not alone we will always be here for you. We never close we are here 24/7 so we are here any time for any reason. You can count on us to be here whenever you need us. 

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