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My mother keeps taking my phone

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my mother keeps taking my phone what should i do?


Hi there, you are very welcome to Ask Alex.

Thank you for asking Ask Alex for advice on what to do about your mum taking your phone. We can have a lot of different feelings when our parents take our things. This can be more challenging when we don’t have an answer as to why.

Parents can put in boundaries for multiple reasons. Often, parents will put in a boundary to keep us safe, like when you were younger, you may have held your mother’s hand crossing the road. Boundaries help keep us safe from lots of dangers, so your mother may be putting in a boundary around your phone to keep you safe from certain things or using it as a consequence for an action. Have you spoken to your mother about why she is taking your phone? Talking with your mother about how you feel when your phone is taken may help. If she is taking it to keep you safe, then she may be able to explain her reasoning, and if it is being used as a consequence for an action, you may be able to come up with another plan for consequences to behaviours.

We understand that it can be really tough when your personal items, like your phone, are involved. It’s okay to feel frustrated or confused. Remember, we’re here to support you through this, and you’re not alone.

Talking about things can help to clear up any misunderstandings. We are here in Childline 24/7 if you would like to talk about how you feel and to chat about what you might say to your mother. You can phone us 24/7 for free on 1800 66 66 66 or if you would prefer to chat online, you can go onto our Childline website and click on the orange Live Chat icon. Our Team will not judge you and can help explore some options with you. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Take care of yourself, and know we are here for you,

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