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My dad says hitting me is disipline

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My dad hits me with a stick hard but he says it discipline or something because he was raised like this but worser.. I just..don’t know what to do..and nobody cares..:(..and i love my dad..i don’t wanna get him in trouble..because he’s the only one i have left..its mom she just drinks all day she isn’t with dad..i just feel so trapped..and scared..:(


Hi and welcome to Ask Alex,
Thanks for reaching out to us about what’s going on for you. You mentioned that your dad hit you with a stick and expressed feeling unsure about what to do and that nobody cares.
We genuinely care, and it sounds like the current situation is neither safe nor comfortable for you. We understand your love for your dad and your reluctance to get him into trouble, but have you considered your own well-being? How fair is it that you’re experiencing this harm? Physical abuse involves using force to cause pain, and no one has the right to harm you or anyone else. While you mentioned that your father uses this as a form of discipline and connects it to his upbringing, such behaviour is unacceptable today. You shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of punishment. It might be frightening, but consider reaching out to Túsla. Their role is to protect you and your family. Speaking with them about your situation could lead to support for both you and your dad and ensure your well-being is being met.
You’re a crucial part of this situation, and you deserve to be treated with respect.
You can get in touch with Túsla at 0818 776 315 from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. You can also visit their Changing Futures website for more information on their services: If you’re ever in immediate danger, call emergency services by dialling 999 or 112. These are freephone numbers accessible from anywhere if you’re in danger.
Feeling safe and secure in your own home is essential; you shouldn’t feel trapped. Do you have any other trusted adults in your life, like grandparents, aunts, or neighbours, whom you could confide in? They might provide support and relief if things are difficult at home. They could guide you towards the necessary services and support you throughout this journey.
If you’d like, you can discuss your situation with our Childline team. They’ll listen, support you, and explore with you, to find a solution that suits you. Contact them by phone at 1800 66 66 66 or through our Live Chat at Childline is here for you 24/7; it’s a free and confidential service.
Taking the step to ask your question was the first move towards changing your circumstances. Please consider using the above information to take the next steps.
Take care of yourself,

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