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My dad physically abuses me

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My dad chokes me and hits me but doesn’t leave any bruises and I’ve tried to tell him what he’s doing is physical abuse. He wants to kick me out and told me I’m ruining him and my mother and my sisters lives by being in the family. I don’t know what to do. 


Hi, and welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for choosing to trust us with your thoughts and for sharing what you’re going through.
You mentioned that your dad chokes you and hits you but doesn’t leave any bruises. You also say that you’ve tried to tell him what he is doing is physical abuse. You’re telling us that he wants to kick you out and has told you that you are ruining his life and your mother’s and sisters’ lives by being in the house, and you are wondering what to do.
We are so sorry that you’re experiencing this, and we want to emphasise that it’s not okay for anyone to hurt you. No one has a right to hit you, choke you, or harm you in any way. You’re showing great courage by reaching out to Ask Alex. In Ireland, all children have the right to protection and safety, and they should get help if they’re being mistreated in any way.
We are wondering how you might feel about talking to a trusted adult about what’s happening to you. This could be someone within your family, like an aunt/uncle, older sibling, or someone outside of the family like a teacher, friend, youth worker, or school counsellor. Speaking to an adult who will listen to you can be really beneficial, as you shouldn’t have to face this alone.
If you ever feel unsafe at home or anywhere else, remember that you have the right to call emergency services at 999 or 112. These calls are free and can be made from any mobile or landline. Please don’t hesitate to call if you’re in danger.
Additionally, you have the right to contact Túsla, the Child and Family Agency in Ireland. The social workers at Túsla are there for young people under 18 years old, and their role is to ensure that children and young people are safe at home. You can find your local Túsla office here: You might need the support of an adult to reach out to them.
Childline is also here to support you, and we’d be happy to chat with you more about what’s going on. You can reach out to us 24/7, and our services are free and confidential. You can call us at 1800 66 66 66,1 chat with us one-on-one on our Live Chat at We won’t judge you or tell you what to do. We’ll explore the options available to you together.
Thank you for reaching out. We want to remind you once again of how brave you are. Take care of yourself,

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