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My dad has been hitting me since I was small

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Hi. My dad used to hit me since childhood, and hits me now and is yelling at me for little things. After that my heart is beating fast, and i think i will stop breating. 


Hello, and welcome to Ask Alex.   


We’re glad you were able to reach out to us with your question today. It is a brave and positive step to talk to someone if you’re feeling unsure about something in your life.  


You tell us that your dad used to hit you since childhood and that he hits you now and is yelling at you for little things. You mention your heart beats fast and you think you will stop breathing. We are very concerned to hear that your dad hits you and yells at you. Violence is never okay. Everyone has the right to be safe at all times, especially in their home. Hitting someone is not a nice thing to do and it is against the law for your dad to hit you.  It is important that you can keep yourself safe. Have you spoken to a trusted adult about what is going on for you?  This could be a teacher, a grandparent, or any other adult that you trust.  


If you ever feel unsafe at home or anywhere else, remember that you have the right to call emergency services at  999  or  112.  These calls are free and can be made from any mobile or landline. Please don’t hesitate to call if you’re in danger. 


Additionally, you have the right to contact Túsla, the Child and Family Agency in Ireland. The social workers at Túsla are there for young people under 18 years old, and their role is to ensure that children and young people are safe at home. You can find your local Túsla office here: You might need the support of an adult to reach out to them. 


Childline is always here for you when you need to chat to someone in a safe and judgement-free space. You can contact us through our freephone service by calling 1800 66 66 66 or by web chat that you access through the website, and we also have content on our website that might be helpful to read 


Always keep it in mind that no one has the right to hurt you in anyway, and you have the right to be safe and to get support.  


We hope that reading this answer is helpful to you and that you’ll feel comfortable to return and ask another question if you’d like to at any stage.   


Take care of yourself,   


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