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My brother touches me

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is it okay for my brother to touch my private parts 


Hello there, and thank you for contacting Ask Alex.
It was brave of you to reach out to us today. You are asking if it is ok for your brother to touch your private parts.
It is very important to note, that your brother does not have the right to do this, and it is not acceptable for him to touch your private parts. You have the right to seek help and support in this situation. We’re wondering if you would consider speaking to a trusted adult about what you’re experiencing. They may be able to help you connect with services that can support you through this ordeal.
If you ever feel unsafe at home or anywhere else, you have the right to call emergency services at 999 or 112. These calls are free and can be made from any mobile or landline.
Additionally, you can contact Childline at 1800 66 66 66. They are available for you anytime you need assistance, whether it’s day or night. Childline also offers a Live Chat service at, where you can find someone to talk to 24/7.
Remember, your brother does not have the right to touch your private parts, and you have the right to be safe.
Take care of yourself. We would love to talk to you some more, to help keep you safe.

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