My Body
Our body is the physical part of who we are. It is the part that we and others see every day.

We are all unique

Everyone has a different body shape and size. This makes us all unique. There is no perfect body and no two bodies are exactly the same. 

How we feel about our bodies

  • Most days we might feel happy with the way we look and other days we might feel like we want to change things about ourselves. These are normal feelings that everyone will experience.
  • If we want, it is possible to make some changes to our appearance. We can cut our hair, wear make-up, or do physical exercise which might bring some changes to our body shape.

Bodies change over time

  • Our bodies will change as we get older. Some changes we might enjoy and other changes we might not like as much. 
  • Puberty is one time when our bodies go through many changes.

Body image

  • Everyone has a different opinion on how they and others look and should look and it is important to think about how we form these opinions. 
  • Magazines, television programmes or films, for example, can suggest that a particular shape or size is the best way to be. This might lead us to think about our own body image.
  • It is important that we try to keep our bodies healthy so that they work as well as they possibly can. How we do this will be different for everyone, but usually staying healthy will involve eating well, exercising and sleeping well.

Support is available

If we have concerns about our bodies, we have a right to talk about these concerns and get support. Is there a trusted adult you can talk to, such as a parent or teacher? Doctors and nurses can also offer support when we have concerns about our bodies. Part of their job is to help people cope with changes in their lives. Childline is always here to listen to you and support you.

You can contact Childline at any time. Some other organisations which you might find helpful include:

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