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Is it legal for a 16 year old girl to move in with her boyfriend and his parents without my parents consent


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Thank you for reaching out with your question. It’s great that you’re looking for clarity on this situation. Moving in with a boyfriend and his parents is a big step, and it’s important to understand the legal aspects and ensure your safety and well-being.
In Ireland, the legal age for leaving home without parental consent is 18. However, at 16, you can move out with your parents’ consent. This means that, legally, you would need your parents to agree to you moving in with your boyfriend and his family. Without their consent, it would not be considered legal for you to move out at 16.
It’s understandable to look for independence and want to be with someone you care about, but it’s also important to consider all aspects of such a decision. Living independently or with someone else’s family comes with many responsibilities and potential challenges that need to be carefully thought through. You may find this article helpful; it gives the legal ages in Ireland for almost everything!
You are never alone in this. If you would like to talk more about your situation and explore your options, the Childline team is here to support you. We are available 24 hours a day, every day. You can contact us for free at 1800 66 66 66, or via Messenger at We’re here to listen and help you with whatever you’re going through.
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