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Medication for anxiety and depression

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Hi. I was just wondering how do I ask my parents to put me on medicine for anxiety and depression?


Hello there!
Firstly, we want to say how brave you are for reaching out and asking for help. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge when you’re struggling with anxiety and depression. You’re not alone in this, and it’s important to remember that.
When talking to your parents about this, it might be helpful to choose a time when everyone is calm and relaxed. You could start by expressing how you’ve been feeling and why you think medication could be helpful for you. It’s important to communicate your feelings openly and honestly, while also being respectful of their perspective.
Transitioning to the importance of professional medical care, it’s crucial to emphasise the significance of getting a proper diagnosis from a healthcare professional. Medication can be a valuable tool in managing anxiety and depression, but it’s essential to have a professional guide you through the process.
Remember, you have the right to access professional medical care, and seeking help is a brave and responsible step towards taking care of your mental health. You are worthy of support and understanding.
If you ever need someone to talk to, please know that you can always contact us at Childline. We’re here for you, anytime, for any reason. Whether it’s through our freephone number 1800 66 66 66 or via Messenger on, our service is confidential, non-judgmental, and available 24/7. You’re not alone, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.
You can find many articles on the Childline website around mental health, and ways in which you can improve yours, which you may find helpful
We hope your conversation goes well with your parents. Look after yourself, and remember you do not have to go through anything on your own. 

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