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To Pat / 14 May 2019

Topic: Loss

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A family member passed away in December and the principal wants me to talk to a counselor in the school I don’t like the counselor what should I do or say to my principal

From Pat / 24 July 2019


Hi welcome to Ask Pat. You mentioned in your email that a family member passed away recently. Your school principle would like you to talk to a school counselor but you don’t feel that you want to do that as you don’t like the counselor. You don’t have to talk to that counselor if that’s something you are not comfortable doing.

You have the right to say no. At the same time you have a right to get support to help you with your loss. Is there a trusted adult that you could talk to who could help you look at what bereavement services are available in your community for young people? It also might help if you talk to Childline.

Childline is here 24/7 if you need to talk. You can talk to Childline online on you can text 50101 between the hours of 10am to 4am every day or phone 1800666666. Childline phone service is available 24 hours a day every day.


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