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A child or young person who is living away from their parents and cared for by other people is living in care.

Why might a young person live in care?

A child or young person might live in care for a short time, or until they are 18. You might be living in care because:

Different types of care placements

Living with family members

Sometimes you might be placed in the care of another family member, such as an aunt or a grandparent.

Foster care

You might be placed in foster care, which might be in an emergency, for a short time, or for a long time. This will depend on your own situation.

Care workers

You might be placed in accommodation where there are care workers to support you.

Feelings about living in care

You might have different feelings about living in care, or about going to live in care. 

My rights in care

Support is available


EPIC provides information and support to young people with care experience and works to give people with care experience a voice.

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