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My finger is broken and my parents won't take me to the doctor

I know for a fact my finger is broken because I have broken it before and it is the exact same feeling. But my parents are not letting me get it checked out because “There is nothing doctors can do about it”. Is this illegal?


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You have told us that you know your finger is broken because you have broken it before, and you recognise the feeling. You have asked us if it is illegal that your parents are not letting you get it checked by the doctor because they believe there is nothing the doctor can do about it.  

All children in Ireland have a right to have a say, a right to be listened to and a right to be taken seriously in matters which affect them. All children also have the right to the best health care available. You can read more about your rights here: 

If you are over 16, you can consent to surgical or medical care, including any treatment or tests needed to find out what is making you feel unwell. However, doctors and hospitals will usually also look for the consent of your parents or guardian before they carry out any tests or treatment even if you are over 16 years old. 

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